investor events
is simple.

88Meeting is the first and largest one-stop investor event calendar app in Hong Kong. We aggregates investor event and enables users to publish, organise, and book for any event.


Most comprehensive calendar for investor events by Chinese stocks
Browse, filter, and search events
One-click bookmark event and add to phone calendar
One-click register to reserve a seat
Intelligently remind users to sign up and attend meetings
Read meeting handouts and summary
Follow Listcos to receive event news and updates
Provide simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English versions

Investor Benefits

Time saving

Liberate investors from manually calling
hundreds of Listcos about upcoming events

Discover more

Discover more events and opportunities

Quick RSVP

RSVP to reserve seats


Securely guarded personal information

Never miss a meeting

One-click following companies
early access information

Supplemental information

Timely notification, never miss important meetings
handouts or summary notes

Investor Relation Benefits

Wide reaching

Reach out to a wider investor audience

Accurate targeting

Accurate targeted invitation

Update to date contacts

Saved time on maintaining and updating investors contact list

RSVP feedback

Timely event RSVP statistics to allow better meeting preparation

Discover new opportunity

Discover upcoming forums to participate

Smart scheduling

Smart schedule ones' own IR events among hundreds of competing events to ensure maximum attendance